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Reaping the rewards in uncertain times

In these tough times, employees across the country are battling it out to keep their jobs.

In the future however, as the country begins to regain its financial strength, what effect will the new economy have on the business that have survived the storm?

It is feared that as we become "uncrunched" employers will face the reverse effect of the recession, i.e. the inability to retain employees. As job vacancies begin to surge and a new age of creativity and opportunity begins, how will businesses convince their employees that it's better to stay put?

Stephen Roberts, General Manager at the Crowne Plaza believes staff reward schemes are the way forward.

"It is important to let your staff know that you appreciate the work they do. Incentive systems and creating perks for your employees aid retention in any company. It certainly work's here. As well as helping us when it comes to retention, our rewards scheme is also a great sales tool when trying to recruit new staff."

Employees at the Liverpool city centre hotel say the scheme gives staff personal targets to aim for which benefit both them as individuals and the chain as a whole. Rewards can range from Irons to iPods and flat screen televisions.

"Every working person earns a salary, but we think it's a great idea to offer staff more than just a wage and rewards scheme helps to get the best out of our staff. The scheme is based on points, the more points you earn the better the reward you receive. Everyone wins"

Employees can build up points by achieving a variety of things. Gaining 100% attendance for the year, being nominated employee of the month or receiving positive comments on guest feedback forms. Implementation of staff ideas within the hotel can also lead to substantial points.

The scheme is tracked by the company's HR department and monitored and updated on a daily basis.

As a manager Stephen sees the benefits his staff receive first hand: "Only this month one member of staff was able to deck out his whole kitchen with all the necessary appliances through the points scheme. I'm a fan of the scheme and it's very popular."

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