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Number Six

At long last it's finished!! The new Liverpool canal link had its opening ceremony on 25th March it was supposed to be a low-key ceremony, but lots of people came down to see the official opening. Steve Rotheram, our Lord Mayor travelled passed the hotel along the Link from Princes Dock aboard a barge called the Pride of Sefton. The Link isn't actually open to the public until April 20th, for more information log on to http://www.penninewaterways.co.uk/liverpoolcanallink/opening.htm.

The Grand National festival is coming up on 2nd, 3rd, 4th April it is always a very busy time at the hotel, there is a great lively and buzzing atmosphere, everyone is asking for tips or giving them out, and trying to guess the winner. A couple of years ago we had the wining owner staying at the hotel on the night of the national, and after a few too many you wouldn't believe it, but he dropped the trophy that was made of glass, so it ended up in the Hoover!!!

Of all the stories we would bring you this one comes with a warning, don't drop anything down our Fallen Angel!! A couple of weeks ago Robin was on duty when we had to start a rescue operation a little boy dropped his Nintendo DS down the statue in reception. It took Robin, Brian Connor our Operations Manager, 2 members of the maintenance team with a pole, gaffer tape, a litter picker and 20 minutes of anxious waiting for our young guest until he the console back in his hands.

On St Patricks day we held a Sporting Lunch at the hotel with World Cup Winners, former Managers and players in attendance we got loads of photos for you, but you won't believe it another department borrowed the camera and accidently deleted them. Robin had his picture taken with some fairies (fire and ice) and an Aston Martin in at another dinner that was held at the hotel.

A future date for your diary... The new Queen Mary 2 is coming to the Liverpool landing stage just outside the hotel on 20th October 2009.

Please feel free to write comments about our blog or post questions you may have for us, unfortunately we can't send any autographed pictures!!!

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