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Number Seven

We begin this month's blog with a story about cars and the weather!! Robin had to come to the rescue last week when one of our gym members left his Ferrari parked in the car park with his convertible roof down, and 2 crows flew into it to trying to eat sweets left on the dashboard, it was definitely an unusual sight!! Then poor Frank was on shift when the weather made a turn for the worst and someone had left their convertible parked in the car park with the roof down, we covered it over with towels and then bin bags but as you can imagine when she came back the inside was wet through!!

GMTVs John Stapleton was in the hotel covering the Hillsborough service at Anfield on 15th April, Frank was lucky enough to get his picture taken with him.

The Society of Liverpool golf captains held their annual dinner at the hotel in April, where 400 past golf captains of 27 clubs around the North West come to the hotel in their red tailed jackets, it's an amazing sight to see them all in the lobby getting ready to go through for dinner.

Its been announced that the Davies Cup Great Britain's tie against Poland in the Davis Cup by BNP Paribas will be held in Liverpool for the first time ever in the event's history. The AEGON GB Davis Cup team will take on Poland in the Euro/Africa Group I tie from 18th - 20th September at the Echo Arena, Liverpool.

Another date for your diary is 22nd May when HMS Daring will be berthed at the Cruise Liner Terminal - she is the first new Type 45 destroyers, designed to provide the Fleet's primary defence against all known airborne threats.

I (Robin) would like to congratulate Frank on behalf of the hotel as he was voted Employee of the Month for March - well deserved! We've also had another bit of good news, the hotel has been shortlisted as Hotel of the Year 2008 in The Mersey Partnerships Annual Tourism Awards we won't know if we've won until the boss goes to the awards ceremony in June, so fingers crossed!!

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