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Number Nine

Hi Everyone, Happy New Year to you all, and what a start we have had to 2010!! A blanket of snow thicker than we have seen in years!!

It all started in Liverpool City Centre on the 5th January, in the morning time it was just a few flakes, by lunchtime half the shops in the city were closed and a lot of the buses had been cancelled. By 3.30pm it was gridlock outside the hotel with people trying to get home; some parked up in our car park and then braved the crowds on the trains as the roads were so slippery. However Robin was standing proud on the door watching the madness unfold thought the afternoon and early evening! The snow only really started to melt on Monday 11th January nearly a week since it fell, and now it's 13th January it has started to fall again, it really is the big freeze!!

It's all go in the hotel at the moment despite the weather, we have had a few post Christmas parties. This week we have our annual company awards dinner, we are the host hotel as last year we won hotel of the year. We have 9 people nominated for awards so good luck to you all, you are all stars in our eyes.
Frank has got a couple of weeks off at the moment, but he will be back with his smiley face again shortly, and we all send him our love.

Ps Have a look at our webcam, it will show you the latest pictures of the snow and also what the weather is like if you are heading down to Liverpool.

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