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Number Four

Let us begin with Happy 2009! You may remember a couple of blogs ago Robin took over because I was on holiday, while now it's my turn.....Welcome to Frank's blog!

New Years Eve is always a very busy time in the hotel as we hold a big gala dinner with champagne drinks reception, and haggis neeps, and tatties at midnight. I had my picture taken with the Scottish Piper who leads all the guests into the Princes Suite for dinner, the girls asked me if he was a real Scotts man however, of that I am not sure!!

For any of you who have visited the hotel, you will know that behind us is Princes Dock, the dock has a family of Swans who can regularly be seen swimming up and down. At the beginning of the month you may remember it was very very cold, because of this the dock almost completely froze over, and one of the Swans got stuck. Ken from maintenance called the fire brigade and was involved in the rescue of the swan from the frozen dock, quite the hero.

The Closing Ceremony for Liverpool's Capital of Culture 2008 was on Saturday 10th January, and can I say how proud of Liverpool I was, what a show!! It was a firework and musical spectacular and a great way to handover the prestige of being European Capital of Culture to the cities of Linz and Vilnius who hold the title for 2009. You can see some of my photos from the night below.

I met Lord Mayor from Lithuania, who was in Liverpool for the Capital of Culture handover, what a lovely gentleman.

Robins first day back to work, and he was mixing with GMTVs Mr Motivator and Dr Hilary Jones who were in Liverpool promoting their Get Motivated campaign (I wish I had been working, I still haven't moved those extra few Christmas pounds!!). First thing the next day they were off to the town hall doing a live workout, among the participants was our very own Lord Mayor.

The Naval Ship Ark Royal docked just outside the hotel at the new landing stage last Thursday, she was here all weekend and we waved her off on Monday.

We have started a photo gallery of people we meet, the sights we see, and also areas of the hotel, so you can see what we see!

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