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Liverpool, Cultural Capital of the World

Wow what a fantastic sporting weekend for the city of Liverpool.

Both football teams competing in the semi final of the FA cup and both sets of fans were a credit to the city.

Liverpool edged a tight contest to book their place in the FA cup final in three weeks time.

While that was going on, Aintree was a sell out for the annual running of the world famous John Smith's Grand National.

The Crowne Plaza enjoyed record numbers of guests over the weekend and the city was blessed with plenty of sunshine to ensure everybody enjoyed themselves.

Many of our team took advantage of tips offered to them from our guests and anjoyed a great number of winners so a lot of happy team members. Anthony from recpetion won the hotel sweepstake not for the first time!

After all that excitement you would think we needed a rest but another exciting weekend awaits as the city puts on a spectacular street theatre production as a tribute to the victims of the Titanic disaster 100 years ago this month. 

The Giant little girl and her uncle will bring circa 250,000 people to Liverpool this weekend. If you're not sure what to do come and see for yourselves, it promises to be extraordinary.

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