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Jack Ryan and Fast & Furious

What a fantastic autumn we have had as the hotel and the city have been used as a location for the filming of Hollywood block buster’s Fast and Furious and the new Jack Ryan sequel. The city welcomed famous actors Keira Knightley and Kevin Costna out on the streets as Liverpool was turned into various international cities for the shooting of action sequences. We really can’t wait to see if you can see the hotel when the films are released.
The cruise liner terminal doubled up as the film location compound with catering vehicles and film set props. It was all very exciting.
It was quite unnerving driving to work to see London Double decker buses, New York Police cars, Ukrainian Mercedes with blacked out windows, Turbo charged 4 wheel drive jeeps! It was difficult to work out where we were.
Last weekend Alisha Dickson X Factor and Strictly stayed with us while visiting the city and she was really nice, with time for everyone.
Everybody is getting ready for Christmas and the chef has ordered all the turkeys as we will be serving nearly 4500 Christmas meals in the run up to the big day.

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