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Crowne Plaza takes the healthy option!

The Crowne Plaza, Liverpool city centre has revamped its menu as part of the hotel's new healthy eating initiative.

The hotel has introduced a lower fat menu which gives guest a much wider choice of healthy meals and said goodbye to deep fried foods.

The new menu is just the beginning of the new initiative which has seen kitchen staff having to completely reformat the way in which things are run and meals cooked.

Previous methods like roasting and frying have now been replaced with grilling, steaming and baking. The CP breakfast now had has no fat fried foods other than a fried egg of course!

Non-stick pans have also been introduced in an effort to eradicate cooking with saturated fats and limits placed on the amount of unsaturated fats used when cooking for guests.

Stephen Roberts, manager at the Crowne Plaza commented.

"Our guests have always been of the upmost importance to us therefore we thought it was crucial to ensure they experience a healthy way of living and eating while staying at the hotel, or at least have the option to do so.

Our menus have always been extremely popular with guests and we boast the best breakfast in the city which remains the same but just with a healthy twist"

Healthy cooking methods and eating the right foods help to reduce the risk of heart disease, high blood pressure and cholesterol. Dave Chapman, Head Chef at the Crowne Plaza believes guest shouldn't sacrifice healthy eating just because they are away from home:

"The idea behind the initiative is to allow our guests to enjoy the same fresh, healthy dishes here that they would at home. There is a perception held by many that healthy food means and boring tasteless ingredients. We want to show our guests that quality and flavour should not be sacrificed when trying to have a healthy diet!"

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